A short tale about myself

It’s always one the hardest thing to say something about one self. Where to start?

Let’s begin about my spiritual path of Druidry as that’s what this page is mostly all about. In time I might add some more bits and piece, but for now I’ll keep it short & simply.

I would consider myself as having always pagan roots of sorts. Always loved nature, the forests and meadows. Real “Paganism” came later in life though.

My interests started within Wicca and Witchcraft. More of a private endeavour and pursuit that any serious path to start off. Then, one day, out of nowhere I just had the call to Druidry in early 2012. Some web searches later and I enrolled into the OBOD (Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids) course. Ones started on this new spiritual journey i weny all the way to the Druid grade. As well as that I also enjoyed the teachings of the BDO (British Druid Order) that got even deeper in a more native shamanic way of Druidry and Druidcraft. Within the BDO I went up through the Ovate grade (as far as I now the Druid grade course is still in writing and editing).

While living in Wiltshire (UK) I enjoyed getting my training into practice by setting up the North Wiltshire Grove (with started off as a OBOD Seed Group. I loved my role within our Grove and I am grateful for everything that I learned from that unique experience. Writing and performing ceremonies and rites, I felt natural been in my elements and filled with the inspiration of AWEN. My deepest gratitude to my co-founder of the Grove. For all of her help and patience I am grateful. I think both of our journeys teached us equally a great deal of courage, strength and deeper understandings along the path.

Doing that time I also studied Tarot Philosophy and the Hermetic Cabala with BOTA (Builders of the Adytum). As well as the teachings within the WEIS (Western Esoteric Initiatory System) of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, and it’s Ceremonial Magic aspects. For years in studied the western occult philosophies.

Nowerday it’s going back into my Druid roots. Combining Druidry, philosophy and the wildness & rawness of Witchcraft into my solitary practice of Hedge Druidcraft.

It’s like coming full circle in a way, or continue on the spiral dance.

Blessings for now traveler

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