Chalice Well


Glastonbury is known by it’s famous and most prominent feature, the Glastonbury Tor. I mean, it’s really hard to miss as the Tor is dominating the entire landscape.

Yet, there is another beautiful and sacred place here in glGlastonbu, and it’s right at the foot of the Tor itself. Of course, I am talking about Charlice Well Garden.

From the hill of the Tor emerges the “White Spring”, while right next door is the “Red Spring” tugged away within Charlice Well Garden.

Becoming a “Charlice Well Companion” member is the best option to visit the gardens as often as possible. It has become my weekly pilgrimage. I enjoy my picnics on the meadow, followed my meditation and divination.

The whole atmosphere is usually peaceful and relaxing (that is if it’s quite next door at the White Spring). Such a spiritual place of tranquility and energy.

You’ll see me there most Saturdays and Sundays.

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