A warm welcome traveler.

The journal of my own journey through my spiritual path of DruidCraft starts here.

Hailing from the spiritual center in England, Glastonbury, where I have settled into since feFebrua 2018.

The start off with, I am not a “blogger” my any means, but I do like to share some of my experience and knowledge that I have gathered along my Druid & Pagan journey. Adding a little bit to the wealth of knowledge that is already out there.

I’m very passionate about the arts of divination. My study of Tarot Philosophy is a journey on it’s own. Tarot. Ogham, Pendulum, dowsing, Oracle card’s, Dice… to the shape of the clouds or fallen leaves of the pavement, there is wisdom & inside to gain within all of those techniques or methods.

That’s my short intro for now.

Blessings traveler


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