Oak tree in the hedgerow

Many hedgerows in English date back to medieval times and beyond that in many cases. Those living boundary markers where important features in the ancient days, not only as markers of personal properties but also as a boundary between the inhabitants of a village or community with the wild world beyond. Old folk tales are full of the Faeries folk dwelling in those wild places, the forests and hollow hills.

Hedgerows where seem as the Vails between the civilised world of humans and the wild nature beyond it.

Today the hedgerows of Britain are a vital eco system and habitat for all sorts of insects, badgers, mice, bats, deer, just to name few of the wild range of species. Not only that, but hedgerow make excellent wind breakers as well. What would our famous honey bees without the vitally important hedgerows?

There are still old hedgerows stretching across Britain today that is home to ancient trees. The oak and hawthorne are common inhabitants of our hedgerows.

On the nature spiritual path the word hedge often means the solitary work such a Hedge Witch / Hedge Druid, without any affiliation to any coven or grove.

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