Lughnasadh / Lughnasa / Lammas

Lughnasadh marked the first of the festival of the harvest season, followed by the Mabon (the Autumn Equinox) and end’s with Samhain (Halloween).

Lammas is the time of fresh root vegetables from the gardens, wheat, oat, barley and corn from the fields. Mabon is full of fruits and berries, while Samhain fills nuts and fruits into our basket’s.

Lammas is the celebration of this first, Grain Harvest, a time for gathering in and giving thanks for abundance.

In our stories Lugh, the Sun god aspect, transform’s into the legend of John Barleycorn, who is cut down every year doing this celebrations to bring life and abundance to the next year’s harvest.

Another famous folk costume is obviously the Lammas Loaf, as well as the Corn Dolly.

The first sheaf would often be ceremonially cut at dawn, winnowed, ground and baked into the Harvest Bread which was then shared by the community in thanks.

The last sheaf was also ceremonially cut, often made into a ‘corn dolly’, carried to the village with festivity and was central to the Harvest Supper

Blessings of the harvest season and celebration’s