The Hidden Life Of Trees – by Peter Wohlleben

This book should be mandatory to read for everyone on this planet!

This book popped-up as a reading suggestion on Amazon the other day, as I am always very interested in the natural world around me and love trees in general, I bought it straight away. What a marvelous choice that was.

Finally a book that is written not from a “New Age” perspective, but it as a heart-warming love letter to the Hidden Life Of Trees. Every chapter is full of information, which is backed-up by modern science, research & study.

The focus is not only on the individual tree, but the important ecosystem of the forest. Such a rich academic research and study have gone into this work that keeps everything interesting. Each chapter is builds upon the previous one in a way.

We read about questions like this:

“Do trees communicate?”

“Do trees have a brain?”

“Do trees smell?”

“What is a tree?”

And many more simple but important questions are tackled in this book.

I am very surprised that this few under my radar for so long. I highly recommend this book to anyone!

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